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WOLLASTON WEDNESDAY #41: What Do YOU Think About Brand & Image?

As we continue to build our brand and image, we want to further portray our attractive, luxury and quality products with our service. We’ve brought a new member onto our team and he will help us reshape our image and “feeling”. His name is Kaleb and his work speaks for itself. We shot 89 Central Ave this week for a marketing video and some of his photos are below. Our work is high end, and we realize we need to work harder and smarter to promote ourselves in a way to reflect that. We’re excited to say in approximately 30 days or so, you will see higher end video content as well.

Our units at 89 Central Ave are getting ready to hit the market. Below are some luxurious and almost artistic photographs depicting our work. Kudos Kaleb.

Master Bathroom Shower

Master Bathroom Vanity

Open Concept Kitchen and Living Space

We will be circulating and promoting a marketing video with these photos to help market our remaining two condos this week. Stay tuned. We can’t wait to photograph this building once we’re all finished.


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