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Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth!

Phew! Harrison and I have had a HARD last three weeks. March was supposed to see two successful sales and a commercial cash-out reliance contingent on those two sales in the first 7 days. And in the first week of March, we got punched in the gut three times. We lost a buyer for our permitted Burt St project due to financing, in addition to getting slapped with a 30 day extension at 15-17 W Chestnut St. That delayed our commercial refinance at 859 Main St. The deal isn't done until the check clears, and we we're really looking forward to getting that capital back. But that is the life of an entrepreneur. Harrison and I dug our feet in and we're going to win anyways. A quick recap from the video and what's happening with the Wollaston Family.

19 Suffolk St first floor unit accepted offer!

74 Burt St is on MLS with approved plans at $800k

15-17 W Chestnut could close by the end of next week

464 Central Ave is for sale - we want to cashout

186 N Warren Ave is scheduled to close next week

859-861 Main St has repositioned to another loan structure, and we hope to be refinanced within 21-30 days.

We're switching up the format with lots of amazing new material coming soon! Enjoy!

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