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WOLLASTON WEDNESDAY #37: What we've learned about pre-selling

Over the past few years as buyer’s expectations have risen, it’s become increasingly more important to deliver a quality product. Certain markets have an abundance of availability so buyers can afford to be pickier. And they are!

Tight timelines are crucial to a project’s profitability so if you can find a buyer fast, that will help ensure the project is a success.

You may have heard us say we’re a fan of pre-selling. If we can secure a buyer before the project is done at our number, we’ll gladly accept. But we’ve learned we need to be better at pre-selling. We need to give our agents the tools to really inform and wow a prospective buyer. For our condos at 89 Central Ave, we’ve ramped up our presentation skills. We should have done this months ago. But we’ll take what we’ve learned with this model and use it hard and early for our next projects.

You’ve seen photo realistic exterior renderings, but now we’re going to have them at the very start. These two buildings are a proposed development in Roxbury, MA. You almost can’t tell they haven’t been built yet.

Georgia St Renderings

You may have seen Harrison’s stress level in the Wollaston Wednesday #35 where we were choosing finishes. If not, check it out here!

Not only will we hire someone for that component moving forward... but we’ll put together finish and inspiration sheets so buyers can get a feeling for what the end product will entail. We’ve seen developers sell their units while they’re in framing... this is how they do it. Our architect Peter at PortOne put this together for our project at 19 Suffolk St in Chelsea. It looks awesome! Harrison doesn’t have to be stressed about finishes now and we can focus on executing the project. Buyers will be better informed and more confident committing to a condo early.

19 Suffolk St Kitchen Inspiration

19 Suffolk St Master Bath Inspiration

And last but not least, we will continue to do these sexy finished floor plan renderings. Peter put this together for our project at 89 Central.

89 Central Ave Floorplans

Let us know what you think! We’re going to roll out marketing for 19 Suffolk St while it’s still a hole in the ground. We’re going to try and make that project our most efficient yet. Feel free to call or email with questions!

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