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New Business Who Dis?

So I know it's been a long time since I've written a blog post and I'm sorry for that. Many of you reached out to tell me these posts are inspirational and informative. We plan to not take a hiatus like that again. With that said, a lot has changed over the last 5 months in my business and I'd like to share some of that with you.

The biggest elephant in the room... CC Solutions is dead. The four amigos who originally built the groundwork for this company have split apart and are going their separate ways and here's how it went down.

In 2017, we handled a large volume of projects resulting in over 6 million dollars in sales. While that surface number is very attractive and exciting, it was really really hard. I actually dubbed those projects as our "Hell Portfolio." Don't get me wrong, we know so much about this business and we're better now, but damn it was hard.

Like anything in life, this business came with a learning curve. Mistakes were made, bad hires happened and timelines got stretched past anticipated budgets. We were working with millions of dollars in projects and as you can guess, those types of mistakes were very very expensive. Those were trying times and once we sold everything, our partners Christian and Kevin came forward to tell us their passion wasn't in the business anymore.

You know when you have a relationship, you can just tell when something isn't right with your partner. Even if they have a facade on and the world can't tell, you just know something isn't right. CC Solutions was like a family. We (the founders) had been working together for years through other jobs in college so I think we all knew we were falling apart. With that kind of bond, this stuff doesn't sneak up on you.

So we worked out the details and finalized the split in January of 2018. From there, Harrison and I re-branded as Wollaston Real Estate Investments and have continued to press on full steam ahead.

We have a couple new acquisitions in the pipes and a lot of positive momentum moving forward. We're working on a two family in Brockton MA, two new construction projects in East Boston and closing two additional acquisitions in the next 30 days. One of our East Boston projects is wrapping up and we're working hard to try and pre-sale them. Renderings below.

We're working with the city of Boston to potentially build some affordable housing as well as another new construction project in Chelsea. So we have a lot of great things in the pipes and we're optimistic having learned from our laundry list of mistakes. 2018 is our year!

So we'll look to do more of these blog posts and share our experiences in this super hot Boston real estate market. We appreciate all the fans of who read these and have supported us in our journey. Please like, comment and share if you feel inclined.



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