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If You Have To Fail To Succeed, You might As Well Fail Fast.

One of Facebook’s famous mottos in its startup days was “Move fast and break things.” This meant that it was okay to not get it right the first time. They didn’t have to perfect a new feature to release it. They released it, learned from the bugs and got better. The meaning of this catchy motto goes deeper than Facebook features. This motto represents a belief that is held by millions of successful entrepreneurs. The belief that failure is not a thing to hide or run from, but to embrace as “part of the process to success.” These entrepreneurs did not get bogged down by analysis paralysis. They went out there, always without knowing every tiny detail, and made things happen. They failed, learned, failed again, and ultimately became successful. But, the key here isn’t to fail and then succeed. The real key to massive success is to fail fast. If we have to fail to succeed, we might as well fail fast. Get out of the building and take action. Would you rather work on research and fine tuning every detail for 8 months just to fail or would you rather get sufficient information, learn the rest in the field, fail in 1 month, then get back on the horse and move closer to success? At CC Solutions we chose to be the latter. We failed fast and often in the beginning. All along the bumpy road of our early days, we tried different strategies and when those didn’t work we learned and pivoted. Then we pivoted again, and again, until we ultimately found our winning formula. We would never have gotten to where we are today if we didn’t fail fast and often in the beginning. And we certainly would not have gotten here as fast. We all are going to fail, so rip the bandaid off and fail fast, so you can succeed faster. Move fast and break things!

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