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How Having Superwoman As Our Attorney Has Gotten Us To Where We Are.

When Alex and I were young real estate investors doorknocking the streets of Brockton, we really had no idea what we were doing. We had some coaching about how wholesales and short sales worked, but it was all theory. As we kept grinding and meeting new people, we wound up getting introduced to who would later become the most pivotal piece of our team; Attorney Shahria Boston.

She took us under her wing from the beginning, spending a ton of time teaching us the ins and outs of real estate from a legal perspective. She let us know exactly what we have been doing wrong (oops) and made sure we were doing everything by the book. When we had questions (there were a lot of questions), she was patient and explained everything to us so that we would understand very clearly what was going on. When there were issues (with banks and people) she would work with us to resolve the issues fast and help us ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

As we have worked with more professionals in the business, it is even more evident that Shahria Boston is a one of a kind professional. She has been extremely easy to work with and has our back with every situation we find ourselves in.

Why does this matter?

Because in the world of real estate, it is very easy to break the law unwittingly. It is easy to skip contracts or procedures that you later pay for. Inexperienced real estate investors make countless mistakes in this field, and it can cause big trouble for them both legally and financially. Having an A player attorney (like Shahria) will dramatically decrease this learning curve and protect you from many rookie mistakes.

On top of that, a rockstar attorney is a must for purchasing and selling properties. Problems and issues come up on almost every transaction, and if your attorney isn’t willing or capable to solve these, you can find yourself losing deals and wasting time.

Building your real estate team isn’t easy, but if there is one role you want to put the time in and make sure you fill correctly, it is your attorney. They can make or break your deals. I’d highly suggest finding you a Shahria as fast as possible.

Having Shahria on our team has had a direct impact on our success today. CC Solutions would not be the company it is without our ace of an attorney. We are extremely fortunate to work with her and are excited to continue to build our relationship as we grow. "

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