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Why you need to get over your fear of failure if you truly want to be successful

Christian Chasmer here today to tell you how CC Solutions uses failure to succeed!

The summer of my junior year in college I worked for an internship where I ran my own franchise of an exterior painting company. I did my own marketing and sales. I hired my own crew of painters and managed them. I did my own customer service and scheduling.

And it was the hardest summer of my life.

The average manager had 5 painters on their team and kept 4 the whole summer; I went through 23. Safe to say I was a bad leader and bad boss. I had multiple customers ream me out (all of which because of mistakes I made). I would wake up at 5am and work until about 8pm, then go home to an empty apartment where I cooked pasta (only thing I could make at the time) and would watch “Friends” until I fell asleep. I was beaten down, mentally and physically. I failed over and over and over during this internship (more like a Spartan agoge).

But when the summer was finished I managed to run a $74,000 business and make a 12% pre-tax profit. More importantly, I learned valuable lessons that would lead me to becoming an entrepreneur and change my life forever. Not bad for a summer.

While I failed over and over again, I ultimately became a success by never giving up. I kept going. I never quit. I then started to learn from my failures and correct them. That summer taught me a powerful lesson about life:

“You cannot truly fail as long as you don’t quit.”

This mindset is the exact same mindset you need to have if you want to be successful in anything. This applies to life, business, and even sports. Michael Jordan famously said,

“I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty six times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

In CC Solutions, Alex and I knocked on 1,000 doors and went 6 months without a pay check before we got our first “win.” We constantly heard the word “No.” We constantly had deals fall through because we messed up. Our first 5 attempts at a wholesale went dead in the last minute due to buyers backing out ( clearly our fault for not vetting them properly). We have had 6 lenders back out in the 12th hour and had to scramble to find new ones or lose our deposit. We went through 11 different tradesman on our first rehab, went wildly over budget, and spent hours on the jobsite baby sitting and painting ( we’re the self -proclaimed best painters out there). Harrison knocked on over 1500 doors and had 0 wins (that’s brutal). Kevin’s first project he managed was a disaster.

I would venture to say that Alex, Harrison, Kevin, and I have failed more times than anyone in real estate today. But we kept going. We kept learning. We never quit. And that is why today, we have 17 units in development over 9 projects which equates to $8,890,000 in ARV and $1,100,000 in profit.

So if the fear of failure is holding you back I would echo my words from before, “You cannot truly fail if you don’t quit.” Any “failure” is just an opportunity to grow and learn. If you persist, learn, and keep moving forward, you will be success. You will get what you want. Take it from us, we’re masters of failing.

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