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Why do good leaders make you feel safe?

Hey Christian Chasmer here!

Every week The CC Solutions team holds a "Team Education" where one of our teammates teaches the rest of the group a lesson. I thought I'd share this week's with you!

This week, we dove deep into teamwork, leadership, and how successful leaders make their teams feel safe. There are over arching principles that determine effective leaders from ineffective leaders. Whether you are a leader in business, sports, or even in your personal life (parents are the leaders of their family), the key to being a great leader is putting the team first.

"Leaders eat last" is the term Simon Sinek coined to explain this important principle.

Below is an awesome, 12 minute video of Simon explaining what he found when he studied leaders in both business and the military.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while you are watching it!

1. In what areas of life are you a leader right now? 2.What leadership roles did you have in the past? 3. Can you think of a situation where you were supposed to be a leader but did not act that way? (were selfish, put yourself first, etc.) 4. What areas of leadership can you improve on most? 5. What areas of life can you start being a leader in?

Happy Leading!

#BuildTheFuture #CCSolutions

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