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How To Own $8.5 Million In Real Estate In 18 Months - Systems Part 1

“But, how do you do it?”

I get this question asked, or a variation of this question, by at least 99% of people I speak to nowadays.


“How do you all already own $8.5 million in real estate after 18 months?”

“How do a bunch of twenty somethings start a successful real estate company?”

“How do you run a company that develops in Boston if you live in San Diego?”

“How do you guys have nine team members already?”

“How do you do it?”


This is Christian Chasmer here to tell you that there is one answer I give for all of these questions and one answer only: Systems.


Systems are how we own $8.5 million after 18 months. Systems are how we have raised over $1.3 million in individual private capital. Systems are how we plan to provide 10,000 families with suitable housing in 10 years.

Some people would tell me that my amazing team is how we did all of that and I would completely agree, I truly believe that CC Solutions has the best team in real estate. But, my argument is that we only hired and retained the best team in real estate because of our strict systems for recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, training, and continuing their education. You can bring in the best team in the world but if you don’t have systems to retain them, they’ll leave you. (For systems on how to recruit, interview, and hire check out “Who” by Geoff Smart.)

And it does not matter what industry you are in, if you utilize systems in your business, you will scale exponentially faster than if you didn’t (and your quality of life will be much better as well).


“But Christian, building “systems” sounds complex. What even is a system? “


Great question my avid reader. I remember the first time I was really introduced to systems. One of my best friends and accountabili-buddies was starting to implement systems into his business. He told me that he created 10 systems this month for his business. I was blown away! I couldn’t imagine what he was doing! Was he writing code to create these? Were they all software? I thought he was way more advanced than me. After all, he was building systems! He then sent me an example of a system, which was a Microsoft Word document titled “Inserting a PDF hyperlink on Excel.” What proceeded was step by step directions of how to insert a PDF hyperlink on Excel.

“That’s a freaking system??” I thought to myself as the pedestal I put “Systems” on came crashing down.

And that was when the game was on. I committed myself to writing a “system” for everything.

A system is an A,B,C process that can, and will, be repeated and duplicated. It allows someone else to jump in and instantly complete the same task, in the same or less time, than it takes you.

That’s it.

You see, systems don’t require code, or software, or an Einstein level IQ.

Anyone can create a system.

“But Christian, Systems sound like they take forever to make!”

Ask my team, systems do take a while to make. And it isn’t always fun. But you know what is fun? Not having to re-learn a task every time you do it. Another thing that is fun is not doing that task ever again when you can delegate it. Systems save you exponentially more time over the long term then the time it takes to make them. Having no time to make a system is a clear sign that you need to create systems!

“Christian, we are a small business. We don’t need systems right now.”

From day one, CC Solutions has been one hundred percent committed to using systems. Even when we were a team of two, we diligently created systems knowing that one day someone would read it and use it. We were so determined to create a system and structure the company that we even created an organizational chart with thirty two spots and filled in our two names thirty two times ( I still have that hilarious org chart). Point is, if you plan on becoming a big company, the best time to start creating systems is when you are small. If you want to stay small forever, you still want systems so that you can delegate and save time. In this case, size doesn’t matter! Every business needs systems to thrive.

So there you have it. How does CC Solutions grow and thrive? We use systems in every aspect of our business. We look at the entire world in a systems oriented way. We believe that everything has an A,B,C process if you look hard enough. For every conversation, meeting or process, having a system will help you scale and navigate the waters of your business.

How can you scale your company to astonishing growth? How can you create a better quality of life for you and your team? How can you hire and retain the best talent in your industry? It all comes down to systems.

If you want more information on how to implement systems or have questions, reach me at

Thank you!

Christian Chasmer

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