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The Not-So-Secret, Secret

Some of the most common questions we have been getting asked by people who are either struggling to get started in real estate investing or interested in getting started in real estate investing start with:

“But how do you…?”

The full questions will go something like this:

“But how do you find so many profitable deals?”

“But how do you find investors to partner with to fund these deals?”

“But how do you find reliable contractors for the deals?”

I could give a long-winded, detailed description about our system for solving each of these challenges. That response wouldn’t help most people become successful real estate investors. The missing piece that prevents most aspiring real estate investors from getting off the ground is proactivity.

That is the simple answer to all of those questions. Be proactive. Let me explain what that means. When you have a challenge that is limiting you, start by doing the simple and obvious task that solves the challenge. More often than not, the task has many different specific subtasks that you can choose from. Below is an example:

Challenge: Need to find reliable contractors.

Tasks: Actively look for contractors. Actively search for information to determine reliability.

Subtasks: Look on websites like Angie’s List, post on social media sites such as Facebook asking for recommendations, ask other investors for recommendations, stop at local job sites and talk with the contractors. (Extra tidbit: meet with the contractors to ask questions and ask for references [actually call the references] to determine reliability).

Oftentimes, those who want to invest in real estate say, “I just need to get the ball rolling”. Being proactive is the first step to getting the ball rolling.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best when he advised,

“Do the thing and you will have the power.”

It’s that simple. Do the simple and obvious task that solves your challenge. This will help you start to get results, and more importantly it will allow you to start having mini-failures so you can start learning!

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