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"Celeb shot!" - Take the leap

"Celeb shot!"

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 have most likely either heard or said these words in an innocent game of beer pong, and that is exactly what has happened with our blog post this week. (For anyone who doesn't know, it essentially means guest appearance.) Our usual amazing and dedicated writer, Alex Cwiakala, has a very full plate this week so our team has been kind enough to grant me the privilege to write our weekly real estate blog today.

As I was thinking about what to write about in my “time to shine”, I wanted to write about something I could really get invested into. Although CC Solutions is a real estate company, and this is a real estate blog, today I wanted to talk about something that is a bit more… indirectly related to real estate. Today I wanted to share with you all the idea of… taking the leap.

Take the leap.

What does that mean to you?

To me, it means doing something without looking back. Making a decision that you have accepted to live and follow through with no matter what happens.

This idea could be at any scale; making a choice trying out for the baseball team when you were scared, going to college in a place where you don’t know anyone, asking that girl(or guy) out that you were scare to talk to, asking for the promotion you know you deserve, starting the band you always said you would, or dropping out of college or quitting your job to start that business you always wanted. I could go on and on.

We’ve all had an opportunity to take a leap at some point in our lives. Have you ever had an opportunity and been too scared or quit? Or on the flip side, have you ever taken and followed through with a leap at some point in your life? The feelings and consequences of either side can be quite extreme.

So the question becomes, if the highs can be so high when you make that leap, why do people pass on opportunities to take a leap of their own? Many times it can boil down to being scared, pessimistic, comfortable, or having self-doubt. I know I’ve had those feelings. Many times those feelings come from listening to negativity or wanted to stay inside your comfort zone. But here at CC Solutions we say, “fuck that” and you should too.

Fuck being scared. Fuck negativity. And fuck comfort zones. This company was founded on taking several leaps. Christian and Alex quit their jobs, bought a house, and started the company all in the same week. Kevin dropped out of college to join the business. And I quit my job, packed my car, and moved to Boston from my home state of North Carolina. We all took a leap to help get this business where it is today. And guess what? I think I can speak for everyone when I say, it has been the best experience and the best year of our lives.

We made a choice and committed to see it through no matter the outcome. And you can and should too. What is the worst thing that could happen? If whatever you leap for doesn’t work out, you’re in the same position as before. Or it could work out and it may be the best decision of your life. You can either choose to live in fear or live in confidence.

So next time you find yourself wanting to start that business, ask for that promotion, travel, talk to that girl, or go after whatever dream you have, think about the potential consequences of your decision. Will you be complacent with your life and watch opportunities pass? Or will you make the choice to overcome your fears, get outside your comfort zone, and DO IT?

I challenge you to take the leap. But you don’t have start big. I suggest starting small; something with minimal risk. Breaking the habit of fear will help you work your way up to taking those calculated risks and leaps that could potentially change your life. Make the decision without looking back with a plan to follow it through, no matter what happens. Who knows, maybe this time next year you will have your own real estate company ;).

As always… thank you for taking time out of your day or evening to read our words of wisdom. Feel free to like, comment, or even share :)

Disclosure: I saw this Steve Harvey video a couple years past and C.A.S.E.D. (copy and steal everything) this idea from the video. Here it is for your enjoyment. I highly suggest watching.

Disclosure: I saw the Steve Harvey video below a couple years past and C.A.S.E.D. (copy and steal everything) this idea from the video. Here it is for your enjoyment.

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