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The power of a partner

Today the team is working diligently in the office and it’s a little bit quieter. We’re all a little bummed that Christian left for San Diego with his girlfriend… and his large Bluetooth speaker! Our current sound set-up just doesn’t bump like his old speaker did… It’s not as loud! This has been the first work day the team has had to make the adjustment and we’re pushing on as usual. I’ll have to ask the boss and see if we can get a bigger speaker.

On a more serious note, Christian left for San Diego to be with his better half on Saturday to make the drive in the “old faithful” 2002 Ford Mustang.  May they get there in one piece!

To give you some history, Christian came back from a trip visiting Brittany (a childhood friend and love interest) in California and all of a sudden wanted to grab coffee with me to discuss business. If you know Christian, he doesn’t… ever… go out for coffee. It was a BIG red flag to schedule a meeting like that.  I knew he wanted to go to California. I had a gut feeling but wasn’t sure; maybe we we’re breaking up. Fast forward a couple months and he’s on the road to build a new life on the other side of the country. CC Solutions will be rehabbing coast to coast next year. San Diego and Boston!

 Christian and I have been friends since our sophomore summer of college. I actually hired him for an internship position in our old company and will never let him live that down hahaha! But seriously, we became great friends through working together and never looked back. When we became equals in our old job, we became partners and promised to do everything for the betterment of our team. We even split our profit straight down the middle: no matter who made more. The last two years at USC working together were 10X better than they we’re in previous years!

It was a no brainer to build our real estate empire together. Having someone who I can trust, rely on, share the load with, bounce ideas off of, and lean on is really nice. The power of a solid partner is immeasurable… and to my readers, this feeling goes beyond business. Your family, friends, loved ones, spouses… they should all be held in the highest regard. Life would be lonely without anyone to share the success with, and it would really suck if you didn’t have anyone to lift you when you fell. I’m happy Christian and I found each other, and I’m really happy Christian found someone he can share his success with.


Friends, family, and the relationships we build continually give us the strength to be the best we can be.


Christian, I wish you the best of luck as you build your life with Brittany. And Brittany, if you dump him, he can’t come back. I want a condo in San Diego. I’ve already rented out his bedroom. 

Thank you so much for reading the blog. I love sharing parts of our lives with you. The continued reach outs and conversations this blog creates makes this all worth while!

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