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We came for the pizza!

This last week just flew by! It seems like time is speeding up and before you know it, we'll be putting up Christmas lights on our rehabs! The Newburyport project is underway and the interior is completely demoed. Doesn't it look wild!

CC Solutions has officially went into code green and everyone is focused on getting our current contracts closed. Which leads me to my topic of discussion for this blog post.

Everyone knows having credibility in your business is key. Credibility brings buyers, backers and financial support; and once you get initial success, it's easier to build momentum. One thing we did last week to ride the momentum wave was host a Fortune Builder investor meet up at one of our current projects. It was a great way to network and build relationships with like minded people while promoting our brand. Quite a couple people came up to us to discuss working together down the road. It was an amazing event!

Hosting an event gives you the spotlight to build your brand. Here are two ideas we are currently executing to help you get in front of industry professionals. We're always looking for money partners and mentors, so these are great ways to get them in front of you.

1) Go to or and sign up for an event related to your industry. Attend a meeting or two and befriend the organizer. Ask the organizer if you can cater an event at your place of business and speak for 5-10 minutes.

2) Join a local chamber of commerce or three. They may have the next 12 months booked up for events, but they hold new business ribbon cuttings all the time. This is a great opportunity to reach out to some news crews and public officials for added publicity.

Hosting and presenting builds credibility;... especially if you can add value when you speak. Inspire and add value to the audience when you speak. They're here to listen to you! Make sure you document these events as well so you can use them in credibility packs down the road! Photos and videos also make for great posts on your company's Facebook and Instagram pages!

As always, I hope you enjoyed this credibility building blog post :) If you did, comment to tell us why, and share with your friends!

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