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The Roast Of Greg Cammarata

Welcome back to our blog! I've decided to post every Monday so put it in your calendar! Today I want to dedicate this article to Greg Cammarata, our very own intern for the last 12 weeks.

Let me introduce you to Greg, a stud with great hair. Personality is his strong suit, he could sell ice to an Eskimo and his known in the office for having uncontrollable laugh attacks (video below). Greg is a rising junior at Bentley University and joined our team at the end of May, 2016. He still doesn't know for sure what he wants to do after college but that's ok... He's only 20. I remember interviewing Greg at Starbucks and trying to elevate CC Solutions enough while explaining how he would have to work from our couch. It worked!

In 14 weeks, Greg learned how to find, analyze and fund the acquisition of property below market value. That's potentially one the best skill sets you could learn next to getting muffins, bagels and the potential coffee. What else are interns good for?!

Most people write a couple offers to get their starter home. Greg analyzed over 160 properties and sent out 90 offers this summer. WOW!

As a young company, we've been able to grow rapidly by implementing systems and hiring college students! They're energetic, willing to learn and are cost effective compared to full time salaried employees. College students are always looking for a learning experience so there is never a lack of demand for quality jobs. How do you get an intern? Everyone knows a college student who can post on their Facebook to help you recruit. Most colleges will give interns class credits for working an internship and welcome the relationship you can bring. We've had 4 interns this summer and the workload we've been able to share has been great! By delegating work, you allow yourself freedom to focus on other opportunities and let the interns grow. Try it!

To Greg - I have had a great time growing with you as a businessman and as a friend. I wish you the most success in school this year and hope to continue our friendship outside of CC Solutions.

Left - Slippers (Alex) Middle - Calf High Socks (Greg) Right - Indoor Sandals (Christian)

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