Harrison Bonner

Founder / Construction Management

Harrison is a founder and the leader of our construction management initiatives. He oversees all capital expenditure improvements across the portfolio.


About Harrison Bonner

Harrison grew up in the plains of eastern North Carolina, with a dream to experience the world and achieve greatness in life. Upon high school graduation, he moved to Charlotte, NC to attend UNC Charlotte and begin chasing that dream. After a couple years of exploring options and career paths, a friend during a study abroad campaign exposed him to the possibilities of being an entrepreneur and the freedoms and income potentials that came with it. Upon realizing that entrepreneurship was his true path forward, Harrison joined the Student Painters internship program at UNC Charlotte that was designed to take motivated students and show them what true business ownership, and the grit required to succeed, was all about. The three years in ascending through the ranks of Student Painters solidified that being an entrepreneur was his destined journey. The network and exposure from that experience pulled Harrison into his first true business and partnership that has evolved into his real estate development company today.