Wollaston Wealth Management Fund

Offering unique investment opportunities with a focus on Western Massachusetts. Discover the potential of our carefully curated portfolio, featuring a distinctive combination of financial benefits and community impact.

Offering 10% APR with a 50/50 Profit Split

Why Western Massachusetts?

  1. Recession Resistant Asset Class
  2. High Occupancy in a Rising Rent Environment
  3. Strong Equity Opportunities
  4. Community Impact Driven Planning

1. Recession Resistant Asset Class

Wollaston Real Estate Investments targeted occupancy rate, exceeding 95%, provides exceptional revenue stability. In addition, a lack of competitive supply in C-Class real estate is forecasted to drive organic growth.

2. High Occupancy in Rising Rent Market

Class C apartments typically feature rent-by-necessity tenants, creating a stable base of permanent renters. All of our apartments qualify for subsidized housing voucher programs to substantially reduce risk associated with rent collection. With voucher holders currently backlogged due to availability, this makes C Class real estate more recession resistant than other asset classes.

3. Equity

As licensed general contractors who self manage the portfolio, we are able to create strong appreciation and equity through our value add approach to commercial real estate and the income based appraisals upon asset stabilization. We continually purchase distressed properties in need of renovation with a significant upside potential. Intelligent, internally managed real estate.

4. Community Impact Driven Planning

As owner operators, we continually strive to create the largest community impact possible while maintaining the highest and best use possible for the neighborhoods we work in.

About Wollaston Real Estate Investments

Wollaston Real Estate Investments focuses on long term acquisitions that can be repositioned into cash cows with equity. Founded by Harrison Bonner and Alex Cwiakala, the duo has identified niche markets with tremendous potential and upside in Western, MA, where they exclusively focus their time, energy and resources.

The founding team cut their teeth on developments in the suburbs of Boston, where they gained extensive construction and sales experience. In the fall of 2019, that experience would lead to a shift of acquisitions 90 minutes west of Boston, MA, where the company would gain a stronger foothold in the communities they serve.

Investment Objectives:

The Wollaston Wealth Management Fund, LLC (the "Company") is a recently-organized Massachusetts limited liability company that intends to make investments in commercial real estate. These investments will be made in select markets with a strong demographic focus on Hampden County, Massachusetts. The company intends to acquire, develop, and maintain properties that offer the potential to achieve the following investment objectives:

  1. Preserve and protect investor capital
  2. Provide investors with annual distributions
  3. Provide substantial equity growth through development and stabilization
  4. Provide return of the investor's capital upon the termination and dissolution of the company which is anticipated to be at
    the end of three or four years

The company will acquire commercial real estate with the objective to purchase well below replacement cost and/or from distressed sellers willing to offer a concession to current market pricing. It is anticipated that all acquisitions will be income producing property focused largely on the multi-family space.

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