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73 Winthrop St

Project Blog 


This home is in it final stretch! We're looking to close in under two weeks and we'll have final photographs very shortly! I think you're really going to like the before and after shots!



The exterior siding and roof is 100% and all of our tradesmen have finished their rough inspections. Our paint crew is currently hanging sheet-rock and we'll be painting in the next two weeks. New photos to come this week. 


Since our last update, we've made some great progress. The exterior siding is wrapping up and we replaced the small double doors with a new entry door. We did some additional demo and framing as a contingency of our buyer. Our electrician is currently working and plumbing will start next week. Some replacement windows were ordered and just made it on sight. 


We're off to the races on this one. We've completed demolition and framing. Siding is scheduled start next week as well as the plumbers and electricians. To top it off, we've accepted a pre-sale offer. Our goal is to be out in the next 90 days!


We closed on this two-family gem for $215,000. Here are the before photos! We're going to renovate the kitchens, bathrooms, heating systems, siding, electrical and plumbing on this home while working hard to maintain the charm of this old home. 

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