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66 Keith Ave

Project Blog 




Since our last update, all mechanical systems and utilities have finished. We're waiting on our gas and plumbing inspection before we can start to close up the walls. One change we made to the building is to bring in gas from the street. The gas company has been slower than usual due to strikes so hopefully they don't hold us up too much. For our next update, we'll have a video walk-through to show you all the progress!



66 Keith Ave is looking sharp. Roof, windows and siding are all done as of today! The existing cedar shake will be replaced with new railings and banisters. The interior is cleaned out and we're framing new bathrooms next week. Plumbers and electricians start soon. 


This two family might not look like much yet and that's because it isn't! The home is a product of years of neglect. We bought this on 5/29 and have spent the week cleaning it out. Once the home is demo'd, it will be overhauled extensively to bring it up to today's standards. More to come. 

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