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We are excited to annouce we are under contract to convert this tired two family home into beautifully renovated condos. 

63 Arlene Street

Project Blog


Our single family project in Hanson, MA is all wrapped up and newly listed! We completed the last stage with a new septic install and completed our landscaping and exterior painting to give the property great curb appeal. We are excited to provide a family with a great new home and hope to get it under agreement soon!




This project is complete on the inside and has been staged! Now the only thing left is to finish the septic system so that we can clean up the yard and landscaping, and we decided to add painting the exterior of the house. We had some setbacks with rain last week, but with good weather this week the septic will be complete and the goal is that everything is painted and landscaped to go on the market at the beginning of next week!



Our rehab in Hanson, MA is almost finished! Everything on the house including kitchen cabinets, granite, tiling, all hardwood flooring, new windows, painting, and electrical and plumbing finishes are all in. Last 2 things we are waiting on are the new septic system and back patio. The septic should go in next week and the patio will go in after when the backyard is all set. This should be ready to list on the market in the next week or two!



Our two bedroom single-family project in Hanson, MA is going extremely fast! After buying this just over 1 month ago, we are already onto finishing stages for this rehab. Our white-oak hardwood floors, white shaker cabinets, bathroom floor and shower tile, and all rough trades have all been complete. We expect to be finished with everything on the house in the next two weeks with only the septic system remaining. That includes our granite to be installed this week, new windows this week, and interior painting and all finish plumbing and electrical completed next week. This house will also feature a new open floor plan with recessed lighting, and new heating with central air conditioning. We are excited to list the future product in a couple weeks!



At the beginning of this month we started our 8th project to date in Hanson, Massachusetts. It is a small 2 bed, 1 bath home in a nice neighborhood south of Boston. We have been flying through this project since we started 2 weeks ago and already have all of our rough trades complete and a lot of drywall complete. We are giving this house a full makeover with a new floor plan, new electrical, new plumbing and heating with central air, new kitchens with hardwood flooring, and new windows. We should be complete with this project in just a couple more weeks!


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