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We are excited to annouce we are under contract to convert this tired two family home into beautifully renovated condos. 

30 Strawberry Lane 

Project Blog


This beautiful 4,185 sq ft home is ready for a new family and is on the market at $900,000. This one won't last long!


This project is ready to go on the market!  The open house will be this Sunday.  We cannot wait for a family to move into their gorgeous new home in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Canton.


Next week will be our last week on this project. All floors are in. The LVL in the living room is complete. All finish electrical and plumbing is done. The whole house is painted. We are refinishing the front door to make it pop. The backsplash tile in the kitchen is going in. The LVL is being sheet rocked and painted. Next week we will have the house cleaned and staged.


Hardwood floors have been installed on the second floor and the first floor is halfway done!  We are working on painting all of the trim white for a more modern look.  The doors, now bright white, are being rehung.

All that’s left in this home is the LVL installation, some finish electrical and plumbing, and painting the four seasons room.  Then, we will be ready to freshen up the yard and welcome a happy family into their new dream home!


Granite and vanities are in! We are currently focusing on finishing the four seasons room. This room is in the process of being sheetrocked and painted. Once this is complete, the electrician will install the fixtures for the lighting and outlets. The LVL beam in the living room is set to be installed this upcoming week. We will also be painting the trim and interior doors white to complete the modern interior look. Next, we will be on to installing the floors on the first and second floors and carpet in the basement. We can’t wait for a family to be able to call this beautiful house their home!


We are currently focusing on finishing the bathrooms. All tiles have been installed in the bathroom floors and showers. Our next stages are to install toilets and vanities in the bathrooms, install the floors on the first and second floor, install carpets in the basement, install an LVL beam in the living room, and install the granite countertops in the kitchen. The bathrooms should be complete by 2/10. The LVL should be installed by 2/10. The hardwood flooring and carpet should be installed by 2/17. The granite countertops should be installed by 2/17. One these are complete, all that will remain are installing kitchen appliances and landscaping. This project is in the homestretch!


The plumbing in the bathrooms is complete.  A boiler has been installed, wired and passed inspection.  There is now heat in the house.  A new heat zone has been installed in the sunroom (where the pool is being filled in).


We are focusing the next two weeks on filling in the pool with concrete, completing finishes in the bathrooms (tiles, vanities, sinks), and inserting an LVL in the living room to support the 2nd floor load where a wall has been removed, enclosing the boiler with a new wall.


The pool is expected to be filled in by 1/30/17.  The bathrooms are expected to have completed finishes by 1/28/17.  The LVL is expected to be in place by 2/2/17.  The boiler is expected to be enclosed by 2/3/17.


Once the pool is filled in, that room will be drywalled and finish electrical will be completed in this room.  Once the LVL is installed, that beam will be drywalled and painted.  


Following the next two weeks the remaining work will include the installation of countertops, the installation of hardwood flooring on the first and second floor and carpet in the basement.


We hit some delays installing our finish materials because we couldn't get our gas turned on. But finally the boiler has been fired up and we now have heat in the house.  Finish plumbing in the bathrooms is almost complete. The kitchen cabinets and island are in.  Recessed lights and outlets were roughed into the sun room and the next steps are tiles, toilets, and tubs in the bathroom and granite counter tops in the kitchen.


We just got our pre-sale photos back from our photographer and Alex is currently working to get the home under contract before we're finished. The kitchen and bathrooms will be going in this week. We are wrapping up painting and some drywall work. Soon we'll be install the new hardwood floors and staging!


We hit a small delay as we transitioned into a new construction crew. We lost 13 days of work but have a new crew rolling. We sheet-rocked the basement and prepped for paint. The 4 season room has the HVAC system installed and the home's boiler has been replaced. The master bedroom now has a walk in closet framed out. In the next two weeks, we plan to have the entire home prepped and painted, the master bath rough plumbed, and recessed lights installed in the 4 season room. 


Demo is complete and a new roof has been installed.  The exterior trim was painted and the brick was pressure washed.  The deck has been repaired and revived.  Two walls have been removed to open up the floor plan.  A new pantry has been framed out in the kitchen for some extra cabinet space.  HVAC is almost complete; four new condensers were installed.   Sheetrock will go up in the family room and we're working to finish the basement! Interior painters will get started this week. Time to make the inside of this house feel like a home!


It took us quite a while to get the architectural plans and permits finished, but we're ready to go! Demo is almost completely finished. As you can see, we have done quite a bit! We will be rebuilding the floors and making the property weather tight shortly. 

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