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234 Paris Street

Project Blog


Photo Finish! We can't wait to give these away to new homeowners!








We are almost to finishing stages at Paris St condos. Our granite was installed today and finish carpentry was completed at the end of last week, including all window, door, and baseboard trim, and cabinetry and stair treads. All of our bathroom tile has all been laid as well and is being grouted to finish it up early this week. The painting crew is putting on the first coat today and we should have our first coat of poly on the floors by the end of the week.


Paris St condos are moving right along! In the past couple weeks the roof has been completed, all white-oak hardwood flooring has been installed, kitchens and appliances have arrived and begun install, all finish carpentry around the windows, and interior doors and bathroom tile are being installed as well! We are really excited with how these are turning out. Right now we are finishing the interior doors and finish carpentry so that painting can begin next week. We have begun touring buyers agents through the condos so that we can have these ready to be sold in the next couple months! Everything should be complete and ready for final showings in 3-4 weeks.


At 234 Paris St, East Boston we now have all exterior siding complete and drywall and plaster done on the inside! This is the part of a project where you can really see it start to come together as a house. We are starting to walk potential buyers through at this time and are working to pre-sell the condos. Our next steps are all the tile work in the bathrooms which will be completed in a week, as well as our hardwood floors. By the next update in two weeks we expect to have the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities installed as well as the granite being installed. Then we will be working on our finish carpentry for the baseboard, window trim, and door trim. Everything should be wrapping up by the end of April and maybe even a buyer by then!


Our 3 family condo conversion at Paris St in East Boston has been our best project to date. All exterior siding has been removed so that we can wrap with tyvek wrap and being to install our new hardie board siding. We had some siding leftover from our Merrill St condo conversion in Newburyport and we loved the color so much that we decided to use the excess and go with the same color on this project at Paris St as well! We are excited to see how this one turns out as well. All insulation is being started today and drywall will start next week. We did have a small holdup with the interior of this project because of having to wait a few extra days for our framing inspection due to scheduling with the inspector. We thought we would have the drywall complete by now we but everything is taken care of now with the inspection and we are back working on the inside. We are required by building code to have the framing inspection done before we start closing up the drywall.


All rough trades are now 100% completed and just waiting on inspections on the interior of Paris St. Until the inspections pass on the rough trades we are working on the new roof and new hardie board siding. All the old aluminum siding has been removed and we are almost all set to start installing the new siding. Be ready for a crazy exterior transformation picture in a couple weeks!


Our condo conversion on Paris St has been one of the most exciting projects to date and is running like a well oiled machine. All of the new windows have been installed, framing is 100% complete, and all electrical, plumbing, and HVAC roughs have been completed. Once all of the inspections for those are complete, we will start our spray foam insulation throughout the entire house. This new spray foam is high quality insulation that is a great barrier for moisture, sound, and for temperature control inside the house. After the insulation we can start drywall and moving toward the exciting, finishing stages of the interior. While that is going on, the framing crew will be putting on a new roof, replacing the old aluminum siding with a new hardie board siding, and starting on the roof decks! We expect this project to be ready to sell at the end of March.


All interior framing is finally complete at 234 Paris St, Boston, MA! It took about 5 weeks, but after reframing almost the entire structure, the interior has finally come together. In the pictures you can see a full crew putting the final touches on the third floor earlier this week. Our plumbers are also getting their rough plumbing started on the first and second floors and the sprinkler system is being installed. Because we fully gutted the interior of a three-family property, by Massachusetts law we have to install a fire-sprinkler system for safety. The framing crew will get started on the roof, siding, and windows next week while all the tradesmen are working on their rough trades and getting ready for inspection. The project is on pace to finish by early April.


After our minor setback with having to add some structural supports throughout the entire home, we are back to our original framing plan! We had a full crew who worked all of last weekend so the project would be set back as little as possible. Over the weekend they were able to add structural support to 2 of the 4 floors and get back to the original framing plan. Currently they are framing the new staircase to the second floor and the second floor interior walls. It is some what difficult to tell from pictures alone, but when you are inside the building, you can really feel the new layout starting to take shape. Our electrician started this week and the other trades are beginning next week. We are on track to have all three condos completed by early April.


At our 3 family project in East Boston, demo has been completed and framing is well underway. All new walls on the first floor have been framed, but we encountered a minor setback after consulting with our structural engineer. In order to sure up the structure of the building for safety, we will be required sister all of the floor joists across the building with 2”x8” joists so that the old structure complies with new building codes. Once that is completed on the first floor, then the framers will move to the second floor, and all trades including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC will begin on the first floor. Even with the additional framing required, the project overall is still set to complete in early April.


Demo is completely finished. The home is just a shell and is ready for framers. As of 12/17, our final architectural plans were in review with the fire prevention department. That means we're close to the final building permit approval. All rough electrical, framing and plumbing materials have been ordered so we can hit the ground running once our permit clears. We're expected to have all rough finishes inspected and signed off on by 1/21/17.  I will have updated photos to upload on 12/20/16 of the completed demo.


Demo is well on the way! As you can see we have done quite a bit of work but we're not finished. In the next two weeks, we plan to have all demo finished and we'll start doing some work in the basement. Our general contractor has given us a timeline of 99 days from start to finish. 


We've applied for our permits with the city to start demo work on the property. We're still waiting for permit approval but expect to have some great progress photos in the next two weeks.  


We closed on this project October 13th. This three family project will go through an entire overhaul and each unit will be individually sold as a condo. Each unit will have two bedrooms and two full baths. The top two floors will have a town-home layout with private city skyline roof decks. Final architectural permits are finished and demo is expected to start within two weeks. 

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