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221 Paris St

Project Blog 


We got our variance and special permit approved with the neighborhood committee of East Boston which was very exciting. However, we are little shocked at how long the city of Boston has taken to review our construction plan to issue the building permit. They are going on four months which is way out  of the norm. Unfortunately our hands are tied on this. We follow up weekly with the building department. 


This proposed project is the construction of a new four story apartment building. There is currently a single family property on the lot that would be demolished. The project will require some extensive zoning relief due to the lot size. We are currently waiting for our meeting with Zoning Board of Appeals to be scheduled. We've went through the mandatory neighborhood abutters meeting and the we've had our first Eagle Hill Neighborhood meeting. We've been asked to adjust the exterior plans to reflect a more historical look. I will post updated renderings as I receive them. 

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