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We are excited to annouce we are under contract to convert this tired two family home into beautifully renovated condos. 

22 Marion Street

Project Blog







After overcoming some setbacks with this project, we are now ready for inspections this week. Once our electrical rough and framing inspections are complete Wednesday, we will be ready to start spray foam insulation and drywall by the end of the week so we can transition into finishing stages. Our vinyl siding is almost complete as well as the exterior decks. We are now expecting this project to wrap up at the end of this month.


All rough trades are finishing up at our Marion St condos, new windows have been installed, and new vinyl siding is going up! We decided to go with vinyl on the exterior so that we didn’t disturb the asbestos siding that was existing. We are very excited with the siding color and new windows, it’s quite a transformation from how it looked before! The trades will be complete early next week, then we’ll get our inspections and be ready to insulate and close up the interior walls with drywall. We expect these condos to be ready for market at the end of May!


Our other condo conversion in East Boston is moving along with rough trades and framing as well. Notable line items that are now complete are the roof, all interior framing for our new open floor plan, and plumbing, HVAC, and electrical roughs will be complete by the end of this week. In the next two weeks we will have all rough trades and framing inspections completed, the new vinyl siding installed, as well as the new windows. Then we will be on to finishing stages with these 2 condos as well!. Right now, we expect all construction to be complete around the first or second week in May.


Now that there are no permit issues with our Marion St project we are well underway with framing and it should be completed today. This week the framing crew had 7 guys there everyday working to build the new interior walls and install the 42 LVL beams throughout the house. Once all the framing is complete, the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC tradesmen will be completing their roughs within a week so that we can get to insulation and finishing stages on this one asap as well!


This week we finally have a real update for our Marion St project, we have permit approval! We picked up our permit this week and have begun construction. All lumber was delivered this week so framing will start tomorrow and the roof has already been completed. Trades are set to start at the end of next week as well. We expect this project to be completed at the end of April.


We are still waiting on the city of Boston to approve our architectural revisions for this project. We have been in contact with the Inspectional Services Department and we have been assume that it should be ready very soon. Within 3 weeks of permit approval, we expect all framing and rough trades to be completed.



We have submitted our architectural revisions and are still waiting on final permit approval. We expect the permit to be approved very soon and by the end of February we expect all framing and rough trades to be completed, as well as the roof and siding.


Our project at 22 Marion St in East Boston is still momentarily stalled unfortunately. We are still waiting on our permit from the city, but we did hear back that they have requested some minor changes from our architect. Our architect has been informed of the needed changes and will have them back to us very quickly. As soon as the changes are submitted to the city, our permit should be approved and we will be able to continue with the framing phase of the rehab.



We are playing a bit of a waiting game for now. As you can see, we are still at the demo phase. Unfortunately we cannot continue with the framing until our long-form permit is approved by the city of Boston. “Long-form” means that there is structural work and significant remodeling work involved, and the review process takes 4-6 weeks, so our permit should be approved next week. We were able to go ahead and get an interior demo permit to start which is why we were able to get the demo completed already. As soon as the permit is approved, our framers are ready to start redesigning the interior to the design of our architectural plans.


Demo is completely finished. The home is just a shell and is ready for framers. As of 12/17, our final architectural plans were in review with the fire prevention department. That means we're close to the final building permit approval. All rough electrical, framing and plumbing materials have been ordered so we can hit the ground running once our permit clears. We're expected to have all rough finishes inspected and signed off on by 1/15/17.  I will have updated photos to upload on 12/20/16 of the completed demo.


The city approved our plans and we're scheduled to start demo on 12/2/16! We made some tweaks to our architectural plans to maximize our open floor layout and are ready to get this ready for spring! The next two weeks will be full of demo crews hard at work. Will have progress photos soon!


We finished our architectural plans and are ready to submit our application to the city so we can pull permits. If the city issues the demo permit in the next two weeks, we will start demo. 


We closed on this project October 13th. This two family project will go through an entire overhaul and each unit will be individually sold as a condo. The bottom unit will be a three bed, two full bath. We're stealing the third bedroom and second bathroom by finishing part of the basement. The top floor will be a two bed, two bath. You can see by the interior photos, this house NEEDS work! Final architectural permits are finished and demo is expected to start within two weeks. 

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