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We are excited to annouce we are under contract to convert this tired two family home into beautifully renovated condos. 

22 Leverett Street

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We’ve had a couple delays on this project with window orders and local inspectors, but now we have all rough trades complete and we have our framing inspection scheduled at the end of this week. We were able to start some spray foam insulation on the top floors, we just need to fix a couple structural beams on the first floor and we will be okay to start drywalling the interior. Also as soon as our driveway permit is approved by the town, we will be able to start edging out our driveway and building our front porch off of our driveway.


In Brookline, our single family rehab is coming along nicely. The roof and windows have been completed and siding is being completed now. We have also installed our beautiful new mahogany front door! All rough trades are complete, we are just waiting on inspections for those and we can start insulation and drywall! This week we spent some time picking tile, quartz, and hardwood floor finishes! We are excited to start installing our choices in the next couple weeks. This project should be complete in about 4 weeks.


In Brookline we have all rough trades complete and we are waiting on inspections for each so that we can start closing up the walls here. Our new front door has been ordered and the framers have started digging the footings for our front deck. By the next update we should have all new hardie board siding installed, new windows installed, and drywall going up on the interior so that we can move into finishes for this project as well. Right now, we are expecting construction to be complete in the middle of May.


At our single family project In Brookline, MA we have our rough trades working. All the exterior siding has been removed so that we can begin to install the new hardie board siding soon and closing the walls with drywall as soon as the plumber, electrician, and HVAC technician have completed their work behind the walls. We expect to be closing up the walls with drywall by the next update in April!


Framing is now complete at our single family house in Brookline and the trades are ready to begin. We have also begun preparing to pour concrete footings for our exterior corner porch, removing some of the old siding to get ready for the porch and get ready for the new siding, and pouring concrete forms in the basement for structural support of the house.


Our single family is Brookline, MA is almost completed with framing! It’s a little difficult to see with the chimneys still in the way, but soon the old chimneys will be gone and you’ll be able to really feel the new layout on the second floor. We rearranged the floor plan of the 3 bedrooms, moved the bathroom to a more central location and make room for the new staircase, and added a bathroom and walk-in closet for the master. At the end of this project, there will essentially be 2 possible master bedrooms. One is on the second floor with high ceilings and the walk-in closet, the second is on the third floor that is the finished off (previously) attic space. Although the attic space is a bit larger, it is also a bit more awkward so the new owners will have their choice. After framing is complete the tradesmen will be ready to start ASAP!


Our project in Brookline is under way with first stage after demo in a rehab project, framing. Framing is basically putting together the structure of the walls, floors, etc, and arranging in the design of the floor plan. We are completely remodeling the second floor layout, so we had to demo all the existing walls and begin framing for the new layout. It is a little hard to tell from the pictures, but all three bedrooms as well as the new bathroom placement on the second floor have begun being framed. Also if you see the picture with the pitched ceiling, this is a finished attic space that will be converted into an additional bedroom and bathroom and some of the bathroom framing has already begun. Another part of the framing phase at this project is sistering the floor joists of the second floor. This means that new 2”x8”s are nailed to the existing joists for added support. This was done because the structural engineer determined that it would make the structure safe enough for the weight that it will be carrying.


This three story home is underway and ready to meet the market in spring. Demo began and is expected to be completed by 1/20/17. We are redesigning and re-framing the layout of the second floor to add three bathrooms and one bedroom. We demoed an exterior patio in order to prepare the land for a paved driveway. Currently the property does not have any legal deeded parking, so we are paving a driveway to allow for 2 cars to park. The home will include high end finishes to compete in this luxurious market.

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