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192 Main Street

Project Blog


In West Newbury, MA we just accepted an offer on our single family rehab at $330,000! We completed our septic installation this week and we expect to close and turn this home over to a new family in July.


We are excited that this project is wrapping up! All touch ups have been completed, appliances installed, electrical and plumbing finishes installed, minor landscaping, and a final cleaning for our open house this weekend! The last thing we are waiting on is our septic system to be completed in May so that all the plumbing in the house will function properly. After discussing with our listing agent, we decided we could go ahead and start marketing the property on the MLS even before the septic was complete. I will start on May 1st and should be completed the next day. After that we will patch the driveway and be 100% complete with this project.


As of today, everything at our West Newbury rehab is complete except the septic system. All interior touch ups and punch list items were completed this week and the exterior painting was completed since we finally got some warm weather here in Boston! We will be doing a final walkthrough on Monday with our contractor to take care of everything else, and this house will be ready to put on the market after some quick landscaping in the front!


At our single family in West Newbury we are starting to wrap this project up! We have recently installed the new bathroom vanities and granite in the bathrooms and kitchen, and the back deck. At this point we are starting to take care of all the little items that are left over including, some left over plumbing and lighting fixtures, painting touch ups, finish painting the existing kitchen cabinets, installing some new door hardware, and cleaning up the inside. As soon as we get some nicer, warmer weather we will complete the exterior work including new shutters, painting the exterior doors, and installing the new septic system. In the next two weeks we expect everything on the house to be 100% complete besides the septic system, which is to be done after everything else.


The interior of our single family at Main St is 90% complete now. We fixed some structural issues with the floor and now we have all of our flooring laid throughout the house. All tile in the bathrooms is complete and cabinets are painted. Next is just completing the painting 100%, installing the granite in the kitchen, installing the bathroom finishes including vanities, toilets, and hardware, and finishing some of the exterior. We should be 100% complete on the interior by the end of next week and complete on the exterior including the septic system within 2-3 weeks!


Almost to finishing stages on our single family in West Newbury. We had to make a slight change in our construction plans and are currently reframing and re-sheetrocking the ceiling, but we are moving along with the bathroom tiling and flooring and carpet. Also all the new windows have been installed. We will continue with the finishing stages next week and have the project wrapped up in a couple weeks!


We are almost to finishing stages on our single family rehab in West Newbury. All of our electrical and plumbing inspections have been signed off on and we just need to replace some support columns in the basement to sure up the structure of the house, and our building inspector will sign off on all of our work as well. Once everything is approved we will be able to move to finishing stages. This project should be completed and on the market to sell by early March.



Our single family project in West Newbury, Massachusetts is almost to finishing stages and should be completed this month! All of our rough trades have been completed. Our electrician updated the electrical system, installed new fixtures in the bedrooms, and installed recessed lighting in the living and dining areas, and the kitchen. We installed a brand new heating oil tank as well as serviced the existing furnace and HVAC system to ensure the house is adequately heated. Next week we should be starting insulation, installing flooring, painting the interior, and other finishes.



In West Newbury we are moving right along, 90 percent of the framing is complete and the interior and exterior are almost ready for painting. If you look at the picture of the bedroom with the pitched roof that is almost completely white, that is because that room is 100 percent primed and ready for paint. You can see the painters skim coating the walls to make them smooth again (they were pretty beat up before) then they will be ready for priming. The front of the exterior has been prepped, primed and is ready to paint, and the remainder of the exterior will be ready soon. For the exterior painting we have to be sure there are a few consecutive days of “warmer” weather so that the paint cures properly. We encountered a little snow this week in northern Massachusetts so it wasn’t able to get 100 percent completed on the exterior. Also the electrician has started rewiring as necessary around the house, upgrading the electrical service, and will begin installing recessed lights in the kitchen.


At our new single family project in West Newbury, demo is now complete and the outside and inside are being prepped for painting. The exterior needs to be scraped and primed for painting, and on the interior we are removing all of the existing wallpaper so it will be ready to paint. Also framing for the upstairs bathroom and opening up the living space has begun. We are working to answer some questions about the type of septic system that needs to be installed due to the property being next to wetlands, but we are still on track to finish this project in the middle of February.


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