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15-17 Merrill Street

Project Blog


This project is all wrapped up and on the market! They are beautiful! Here are the final photos!


Our condos in Newburyport had their first open house this past weekend! We had over 50 groups of buyers come through the open house and we were told by our listing agent that people were very complimentary. We need to finish up some landscaping but we are very excited with how these turned out and have our fingers crossed for offers very soon!


Merrill St condos in Newburyport will be complete next week! Just some last minute touch up items, laying the back patios, and finishing the plumbing and electrical finishes and we’ll be good to go. We have learned a ton on this project and we are excited with how they have turned out. They will be ready for an open house next weekend!


We should be ready to put these two condos on market in about two weeks! All kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and granite have been installed as well as our white oak hardwood floors. Most of the interior painting has been done as well. Right now we are waiting on all of our finishes to arrive from order including all lighting and plumbing fixtures. We expect those to arrive and be installed this week! We are doing a punch list walkthrough with our contractor this week and hope to have everything completed by the end of next week to be ready to list. We have gone through a lot of growing pains on this project but we are very happy with what is shaping up to be the final result!


A ton of work has been completed since our last update in Newburyport, we are now on to finishing stages of the interior. All insulation has been sprayed in and drywall put up, so it finally looks like a house! Also all of our white oak hardwood floors have been installed, tile installed on the bathroom floor and shower walls, most of the finish trim around the doors and windows has been completed. Our white shaker kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities were delivered today and are being installed next week! After that, it is just finishing the remaining finish carpentry, installing the granite, installing all the plumbing and electrical finishes, polishing the floors, and installing our mahogany front doors!



We finally have drywall going up in Newburyport! It’s been a long process but our 2 family condo-conversion is finally starting to look like a house. Our high efficiency spray foam insulation was blown in this week and almost all drywall is already completed as well. Next step is plastering all the walls so we can start priming and painting them, and installing kitchen cabinets. This project should be completed by the end of March.  


We are almost ready to close up the walls at our condo rehab in Newburyport. As you can see in the photos, all of the electric, plumbing, and HVAC roughs are completed. This means that all of their work behind the drywall is complete. Next step is our spray foam insulation and drywall. Once all of the drywall in the house is up, then the electrician, plumber, and HVAC crew will come back and complete their finish work. We are on track to finish these two condos by mid March.


We are very excited about the progress of our condo conversion in Newburyport. Finally it is starting to look like a house (or in this case condos)! All of our Marvin Integrity windows have been installed and the premium hardie board siding is almost complete as well. Now that we have the interior of the building weather-tight, to protect against wind and rain, we can finally start all of our tradesmen. The electrician, plumber, HVAC crew are all inside working at the same time. These trades should be completed in 2 weeks and we can start transitioning to the finishing stage!


This is our first week working with a new crew on our two condo project in Newburyport, MA! The  finishing framing done by the this crew included framing the openings for the windows, adding header beams for structural support, and nailing plywood over the entire exterior so that we can add the hardie board siding over top. Our goal for this project right now is to get it weather-tight, meaning no wind and rain can get through as soon as possible so that the tradesmen including the electricians, HVAC, and plumbers can start their interior work. We expect all the trades to begin next week so we can start wrapping this project up by the end of February.


Framing is 100% finished. Our windows will be arriving this week and we'll start siding the home. The plumbers and electricians are scheduled to start roughing and the hardest part should be done! Both driveways we're also paved and are good to go. 


In the last two weeks, we finished the first floor 100% and are about 80% finished with the second floor framing. The new roof is on and we're prepping the backyard for landscaping. 


As you can see, framing is well under way. The first floor is in and level. We're currently working on the second floor. The house is starting to come together! 


Demo was completed and we hit a snag with some foundation work. Unfortunately it slowed us down due to parts and labor that were on back-order. The new foundation has been poured and the framers have started. In the next two weeks, framers, plumbers and roofers will be on site working diligently. 


It took us quite a while to get the architectural plans and permits finished, but we're ready to go! Demo is almost completely finished. As you can see, we have done quite a bit! We will be rebuilding the floors and making the property weather tight shortly. 


We're very excited to have closed on this two family project in Newburyport, MA. Having being built in the mid 1800's, we will be doing everything in our power to keep the historic charm of this building alive. We will not alter the chimneys or roof line to keep the historic look and feel of the neighborhood. However, do to structural and safety concerns, this home will require renovations. 

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